Ganoderma Mycelium & Agave bagasse. 2022 

It is estimated that the Fungi kingdom has a little more than 5 million species. The fungi that form mushrooms or mushrooms are filamentous fungi, that is, they form filaments called hyphae, which intertwine to form a dense layer similar to a spider web. This tissue is called mycelium.

“Fungi show that individuals do not exist, no one can live without another or another. No living being is just one species [...]
Death is not an end, it does not exist as such, the end of a way of life is only the beginning of many other ways of life. The fungi, through decomposition, enable the re-composition [...]”

Extrated from: Giuliana Furc. Conservar la Funga. Radio Semilla. Ep. 76 

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