Diseña Colectiva

Diseña Colectiva

Focuses in depatriarchalizing design for social and planetary restoration by incorporating the voices of women and minorities in Latin American design.

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Florecemos de la matria

In 2021 in the middle of the pandemics, we created Diseña Colectiva. A platform and a community from Latin America that shares and creates Pluriversal design, a kind of design that considers different world realities.

After three years we have learned how different projects from people who identifies themselves as woman, are making a positive impact towards a new vision of the world, one that is more diverse, inclusive and that seeks social and planetary restoration. 

The projects we share in Diseña Colectiva are not designer-exclusive because we believe that design is a human quality. It's something integrated into the work and processes of everyone. We saw it in all members of our community, from indigenous weavers to gynecologists, farmers, biologists, illustrators, students, and many other women who have shared their experiences with us. They all use design and design methodologies, even if they don´t realize it, and we can learn from them. 

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