Hello! My name is Taina.  

Taina has lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris and Oaxaca where she has collaborated in different offices and projects of industrial design, product design, strategic design and social innovation.

From 2015 to 2018 she was former parter and co-founder of Frame Design Studio. 

She currently lives and works in Mexico City where she develops research and design projects in sustainability, biomaterials, gender, education in design and future studies with which she has been published and invited as a lecturer in different platforms and conferences.

Tainas' greatest interest as a design professional is sustainability. She defines herself as an eco-feminist activist and defends the idea that diversity, equality, fair trade, the conscious extraction of resources, good waste management, clean and healthy processes, respect for local communities and other factors involved in sustainable design, are the best way to design. She promotes these practices as a designer, researcher, teacher, activist and in her daily life.




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