Hello! My name is Taina.  

Taina is an industrial designer focused on regenerative design through material experimentation, social innovation, and design research with a gender perspective. 

She has lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris and Oaxaca where she has collaborated in different offices and projects of industrial design, product design, strategic design and social innovation.

She currently lives and works in Mexico City where she develops design research projects in sustainability, biomaterials, gender, education in design and future studies with which she has been exhibited, published and invited as a lecturer in different platforms and conferences. Such as Space 10, PIVOT conference, Design Week Mexico, Franz Mayer Museum, Tamayo Museum and the University Contemporary Art Museum (MUAC).

In 2021 she was selected as one of the faces of Woman in the Creative Industry by Coolhuntermx. And in 2022 she was published in the 192 magazine, Tomorrow is Today edition as one of their New Faces.    

In 2021, with Coolhuntermx and Andrea Soler, she created Diseña Mexicana, today Diseña Colectiva, the first design festival in Mexico with an inclusive, diverse and collective approach; created to amplify those projects promoted by women, cis, trans, and other dissidences. 




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